Ultra Precision Manufacturing

Our credentials

Ultra precision measuring instruments manufacturing ServicesTaylor Hobson is world renowned as a manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. Used for final inspection in research and production, our equipment performs at nanometric levels of resolution and accuracy.

Our machines

We invest in only the highest precision machine tools produced by leading manufacturers around the world. We then work extensively with the manufacturer to enhance the performance of the machine to better satisfy our unique requirements.

Our people

Taylor Hobson engineers have developed manufacturing skills and processes that push the very limits of precision. They have an intimate understanding of the design, performance and production.

The Taylor Hobson Manufacturing Service:

Surface grinding

Surface grindingLevels of surface grinding precision that for Taylor Hobson are relatively straightforward to attain are often considered specialist by the majority of industry. General straightness in the 2m range can be achieved on a routine basis with little need for technical support.

Surface grinding capacity and capability:

Model Chuck Capacity
(length x width)
under wheel
ELB SF CNC 1500 mm x 800 mm 800 mm 5 µm over
chuck area
ELB 15 CNC 1200 mm x 350 mm 400 mm 0.25 µm over
1000 mm
ELB 10 NC 800 mm x 450 mm 400 mm 0.5 µm over
600 mm

Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grindingHigh precision cylindrical grinding represents Taylor Hobson's strongest manufacturing process expertise. We produce the reference datums for our measuring instruments with a combination of geometry, dimension and surface finish control that is amongst the very best in the world.

Cylindrical grinding capacity and capability:

Model Length
between centers
Maximum diameter Maximum weight
Straightness accuracy
2040 mm 350 mm 200 Kg 1 µm over
1000 mm
400 mm 240 mm 80 Kg 1 µm over
400 mm
700 mm 240 mm 80 Kg 1.5 µm over
700 mm
500 mm 190 mm 65 Kg 1 µm over
500 mm
750 mm 190 mm 65 Kg 1 µm over
750 mm

Diamond turning

Diamond turningOur experience with high precision diamond turning has contributed to a direct improvement in our product specification. The diamond turned air bearing spindles used in Taylor Hobson roundness measuring instruments typically out-perform the 0.02 µm radial limit of error specification.

Diamond turning capacity and capability
Nanoform 700 Ultra

Feature Travel Horizontal
X Axis 350 mm 0.3 µm full travel 0.75 µm full travel
Z axis 300 mm 0.4 µm full travel 0.75 µm full travel
Air bearing spindle Motion accuracy axial and radial ≤ 15 nm
Surface finish 1.0 nm Ra
Slideways Hydrostatic oil bearings with symmetrical linear motor placement

Flat lapping

A full range of lapping equipment is available for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Assessment of flatness by monochromatic light source as well as other techniques is available. Required services for cleaning are also in place.

Precision assembly

Precision assembly is a key Taylor Hobson strength. Our experience in electro-optical-mechanical assembly is instrumental to our success in the metrology industry. The nature of our business dictates that our assembly staff be flexible, highly skilled and able to cope with complex tasks involving multi-stage testing and sign-off.

Diamond turning machines epitomise the melding of technology and craftsmanship at Taylor Hobson. Our expertise at precision assembly provides the Ultraform 250 with performance more likely found in measuring instruments than machine tools.