Advanced instrument use

Advanced instrument use

Roundness or surface finish instrument training seminar - Advanced instrument use

These seminars build on the attendees existing knowledge and enable them to make the most of their instrument’s advanced capabilities.
The attendee will gain a knowledge of their instrument’s advanced features and how to create a reliable automated measurement routine.

Topics covered

  • Instrument calibration methods.
  • Correct instrument setup, use of additional coordinate systems to improve repeatability.
  • Advanced Ultra software operation and programme writing.
  • Design considerations for manufacture of component specific fixtures.
  • Open discussion of relevant customer applications.

Attendee expertise rating: Two
Ideal for advanced instrument operators, programmers and metrology managers with experience of using Taylor Hobson instruments.

Seminar Specification

Complexity level
Users that are already comfortable with instrument operation and Ultra software use.

Course duration
1 day - 09:00 until 16:00

Learning style
Lecture with practical demonstrations and relevant application discussion.

Course material
USB memory stick with all presentations and examples used throughout the day
Training certificate
Metrology information pack

Training dates: 

Advanced Instrument use Surface

Advanced Instrument use Roundness