Training Seminars

Develop your team; increase knowledge and improve processes with advanced instrument training.

All members of your quality team will be able to discuss inspection requirements and measurement results with your suppliers and customers and be able to do so with authority, confidence and earned respect.

Well-trained staff can develop new procedures, implement new inspection programs and monitor critical manufacturing processes.

Your quality team needs to be informed and aware of improved inspection methods, revised inspection standards and newly introduced analysis parameters.

Most importantly, the people responsible for assuring the quality of your product will be more likely to avoid or detect mistakes before they can cost you unnecessary expense and loss of credibility.

You have access to our core knowledge base
Our instructors are professional metrologists. On a daily basis they solve the most demanding application problems and have compiled an extraordinarily diverse knowledge base.

Individual, personalised, practical and hands-on

Training programs are designed so that all attendees will come away with knowledge and hands-on experience that they can immediately be put to use. Attendees are encouraged to bring along sample components that need to be measured so that they will leave Taylor Hobson with detailed, practical inspection procedures for those components.

It’s like getting a brand new instrument
Unlock the full capability of your instrument:

Learn the correct use of filters
Select the most appropriate parameters
Do your current work faster and more efficiently
Take on new work with confidence and ease

Training Details: 

Courses will be held at our Centre of Excellence conveniently located in Leicester, England.

Courses are one or two days in length. Training sessions run from 9 am until 4 pm with 30 minutes for a light buffet lunch and two 20 minute coffee breaks.

Our instructors are Metrology Engineers who have many years experience in solving real measurement problems.

Everything needed is provided. All courses include a notes folder, Taylor Hobson’s Surface Finish or Roundness Guides, and a USB drive with PowerPoint Presentations.

Special requests
We are also able to customise our Product and Metrology Training to suit the specific requirements of individual institutions. This can be product or application specific, delivering greater efficiency within your manufacturing process.

Note - Specifications are subject to change without notice.