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Measurement Reports

We encourage our users to submit sample parts for review and measurement proposal. This way you can be sure that the proposed method and instrumentation is correct for the application and budget. After you receive our professional report you will be invited to visit us and see the process for yourselves and discuss the methodology and instrument with the engineer concerned.

Contract Measurement

There are always times when manufacturers have short term metrology requirements which do not justify immediate investment in instrumentation. Our Contract Measurement Service is an inexpensive way to access instrumentation and inspection skills when such occasions arise.


The Centre of Excellence operates a Helpdesk Service which is Free of Charge to users of Taylor Hobson equipment who have a current AMECare Service Contract in place at the time of enquiry. A limited service is available to all users to answer simple day to day queries on instruments and metrology.

Measurement Reports

Taylor Hobson's Centre of Excellence provides a measurement service which develops solutions to your metrology problems. Some examples include:

Erosion of the human tooth by orange juice

  • A customer was carrying out research, investigating the amount of erosion by acidic foodstuffs. By using a Form Talysurf Series with
    Y-Stage and Talymap 3D software, it was possible to view the erosion after a short period of time. 

The glaze defects on ceramic tiles
  • The customer required 3D analysis of the surface finish of several ceramic tiles. The solution to this problem was to use a Form Talysurf 3D measuring system.

Explosive fuses

  • The explosive was not firing fully, and the customer suspected a problem with the fuse body. They decided that this would need to be checked, and required measurements of cylindricity, straightness and parallelism. These measurements were carried out on a Talyrond. For help with your metrology problems, contact the Centre of Excellence on

Tel: +44 (0) 116 276 3779

For one-off measurements, see Contract Measurement (below)

Contract Measurement

The same engineers that provide UKAS Calibration Services and Training in Metrology and Instrument Operation are available to perform Contract Measurements. Here in the Centre of Excellence we have the complete over range of Taylor Hobson precision instruments valued at over 1M available for use. The team has in excess of 150 man-years of experience between them and the support of the company engineering and research teams.

We regularly take on both small one off and multiple batch contacts for simple and complex measurement requirements. The level of reporting and results output will be to a pre agreed standard giving the user the ability to match requirements and delivery to budgets and timescales.

Although this service is most often used in-house at Taylor Hobson, we are also able to supply on-site measurements services in certain circumstances.

For more details and a specific quotation contact

Tel:+44 (0) 116 276 3779
Fax:+44 (0) 116 246 0579


Taylor Hobson's Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 4.30pm local office time, apart from national and company holiday periods. The desk is manned by engineers who have practical experience of all Taylor Hobson products, and who can often answer questions over the telephone. The knowledge of the full centre of Excellence Team is available through the Helpdesk.

Where enquiries are more complex, the service needs to be accessed through the on-line question
form which ensures we have all the information to respond quickly to our users. (Ask your question)

To ensure you have the support you need when you need it, we recommend taking out a AMECare contract for your systems.

For Helpdesk Enquiries

Tel: +44 (0) 116 246 3000