Customer Service Design

Helpdesk ManOur strategy for success is simple, instead of just selling products, we provide solutions. Whatever your measuring needs, Taylor Hobson can design a system to meet them.

We have the resources, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of metrology equipment, to plan and methodically execute the solution to your unique inspection problem.

The Taylor Hobson Custom Design Service:

Precision mechanical design principles

The theory and practical application of ultra precision mechanical design principles ensures that Taylor Hobson products have the most accurate, stable and repeatable mechanical platforms in the metrology industry. As a result, laboratory performance is possible from instruments used in production areas.

Technology at a glance:

  • Stable structures
  • Kinematic / semi kinematic design principles
  • Isolation from environment
  • Abbe principle optimization
  • Selection of suitable materials
  • Non influencing mechanical drives
  • Minimization of thermal effects
  • Use of 'direct' displacement transducers
  • Isolation of metrology system from system forces

Precision gauging

Taylor Hobson engineers routinely push the envelope of what is possible. Our industry leading gauge heads deliver to you the highest levels of accuracy and precision along with unparalleled range to resolution which is a true measure of excellence for any gauging device.

Whether used in a standard product or incorporated into a custom design, our gauge heads will vastly improve the level of precision in your inspection process.

Technology at a glance

Gauge type Maximum range Maximum resolution
Inductive 1mm 16mm
Phase grating Interferometer 12.5mm 0.2nm
White light Interferometer up to 25mm


Application of the latest software techniques

We are totally committed to keeping up to date with the latest developments using Microsoft's .NET Framework. Components are created using Microsoft Visual C++ and C# programming languages. They are then deployed using COM and .NET assembly technology which allows customization of applications via built-in VSA scripting engine.

Technology at a glance

  • Iterative Agile Process (eXtreme Programming)
  • ISO 9001 coding standards / process / guidelines
  • UML Modeling
  • Design Patterns
  • Refactoring
  • .NET Framework
  • VSA / VBA scripting engine built-in to applications
  • COM
  • Automated Test / Continuous Integration

Precision axis control

Accurate control of position, distance and measuring speed is essential for stable and repeatable results. The Taylor Hobson engineers have perfected platforms for ultra precision axis control.

Not just for single trace data logging, but also for complex, multi-axis, geometrical relationships between component features. The expertise we build into our standard instruments is immediately transferrable to our custom engineered systems.

Mathematical algorithm and metrology theory

Taylor Hobson's metrology analysis capability is recognized as the bench mark to which our competitors aspire. This is exemplified by both Taylor Hobson's patented instrument auto-calibration routine and our leading role within the development of ISO metrology standards.

Large displacement profile instrument
  • Kinematic / semi kinematic design principles
  • Isolation from environment
  • Abbe principle optimization
  • Laser interferometer
  • Use of direct displacement transducer
Diamond turning cell
  • Kinematic / semi kinematic design principles
  • Isolation from environment
  • Abbe principle optimization
  • Stable structures
  • Linear diffractive grating
Software utilities
  • ISO9001 coding standards / process/ guidelines
  • .NET Framework
  • Automated Test / Continuous Integration
  • C# programming language
  • VSA / VBA scripting engine built into applications