AME Care

Taylor Hobson’s Technical Support Services provide you with a wide range of solutions to ensure your equipment stays working at its optimum performance like the day you purchased it.

Our support extends beyond AMECARE Support Agreements, we also offer upgrades, software and metrology training, contract measurement and UKAS calibration. All work is carried out by our own accredited service engineers and metrologists who are dedicated to providing the quality support you need. 

Instrument support policy

When you buy a Taylor Hobson Instrument, you benefit from the latest measurement technology. If serviced and maintained to the recommended standards, Taylor Hobson instruments will perform to the highest level throughout the product life cycle.
Service and support offerings change during each phase of an instruments’ lifetime, our instrument support policy ensures clarity throughout the various lifecycle support phases. 

Styli & software

Styli and exchange program - Taylor Hobson manufactured styli are of the highest quality ensuring measurement integrity and guaranteeing optimum performance from your instruments.
Taylor Hobson software - Unique solutions available from Taylor Hobson for all your measurement and data analysis needs.


Taylor Hobson have designed a series of product upgrades to future proof your investment. To avoid your instrument becoming obsolete, our upgrades are available to extend the life of your product.
All upgrades are carried out by Taylor Hobson accredited service engineers and include installation and calibration to ensure your system runs at peak performance.

Centre of excellence

Consultancy and cycle time improvement - Benefit from our team of uniquely qualified metrologists with expertise in all aspects of measurement.
Contract measurement - A cost effective option to capital expenditure, simply send in first article or production components for our contract measurement service.
UKAS calibration - Roughness and roundness artefacts, instruments and other masters for traceability of your results to international standards.

Training programs

Instrument training - Improve productivity and maximise the efficiency of your Taylor Hobson instruments through the training of your operators and inspectors.
Metrology training - Gain or improve your understanding of roundness and surface finish principles making your operators, inspectors and engineers well versed in the theory and application of metrology.

Click link below to view your local AMECare agreement for more details: 

AMECare Performance Service (Issue 3)