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Styli & Accessories Catalog

Styli & Accessories

A range of styli and accessories for Taylor Hobson products, Issue 4

Instrument Styli Guidelines
Stylus profilometers are often used for two different requirements, surface finish measurement and form (or contour) measurement. When measuring surface finish it is advisable to use a stylus with the smallest tip radius feasible to fully penetrate all of the surface features.

The ISO standards dictate the choice of stylus based upon the expected surface finish. ISO 3274 specifies that a conisphere stylus should be used with a tip radius of 2, 5 or 10 μm and a cone angle of either 90 or 60 degrees. It should be noted that some local standards may require a different choice of stylus tip radius. For example, it is common within the automotive industry to use a 5 μm radius tip.

For measuring form or contour, in some circumstances a ball stylus can have certain benefits over a diamond equivalent. The larger radius acts as a filter, reducing some of the effects of surface finish. The larger tip radius also means that a higher tracking force can be used, ensuring that a good contact is maintained with the surface.

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