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What is TalyProfile?

TalyProfile is a dedicated PC based software package designed for 2D surface finish evaluation for use with Surtronic® S-100 series instruments. The software can be used for shop floor inspection or full laboratory analysis depending on the software level used.

Talyprofile interface
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Benefits and Features

New and intuitive user interface

Fast and easy to use

Over 70 new, powerful analysis features including...

  • Future proof your measurement process with updated ISO parameters for 2020
  • Save time and reduce operator errors with the Parameters Calculation utility
  • Analyse your measurements in an identical manor with Customised Analysis settings
  • Batch Analysis for multiple measurements drastically saving time
  • Undo-Redo options during analysis workflow
  • Multiple Tabbed Documents to compare side by side
  • Open files quicker using Drag and Drop capability
  • Large data can be calculated quickly
  • See your document results update live with “quick extraction” tools
  Analyse your measurements in an identical manor
with Customised Analysis settings 
Batch Analysis for multiple measurements 
drastically saving time 

Levels available

   TalyProfile Silver   
   TalyProfile Gold   
Extract Area
Profile Curve 
Filtered Profiles
Parameters Table
Distance Measurement
Area of a hole
Abbott Curve
Identity Card
Summary of Operator
History of Operators
Colour Scale
Tolerance Limits
Export Numerical results
Remove Form
Metrological Filter
Use Matlab
Join 2 Profiles
Edit Axes
WD Filtered Profile
R&W Motifs
Morphological envelopes
Step Height
Fractal analysis
Frequency spectrum
Averaged power spectrum density
Rk Parameters
Rk Profiles

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