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Ultra software upgrade  

Ultra Version 6 - the new update to Taylor Hobson’s world leading measurement and analysis software.

The new software delivers a range of new integrated analysis tools essential for manufacturers, these include:

  • Advanced harmonics*
  • Dominant wavelength*
  • Wall and disc thickness variation*
  • Advanced dual profile*
  • Multi-plane roundness
  • Morphological Filtering
  • LS Arc Auto
  • ISO parameter definitions

What’s new in Ultra 6?

  • Compatible with Windows® 7 or 10
    64-bit Operating system.
  • Latest ISO parameter definitions 
    added including Wst, Wsa, Spline and Polynomial filters to ensure integrity of your results.

  • Easy to network for centralised data collection and support activity.

  • Q-Link simplified interface designed specifically for production environments. Provides direct communication with SPC software to deliver feedback to your manufacturing process.

  • Seamless data integration into TalyMap® Contour, powerful software for the analysis of length, radius, angle and more.

  • Remote access allows a third party application the ability to run a program, for example, using a robot arm to place a part on a fixture and start the measurement program in Ultra.

Additional modules to consider

  • Purchase a full PCIe upgrade** which includes latest PCIe electronics, new Dell PC & LCD display, brings your instrument right up to date, ensuring peace of mind for the future.

  • Exchange gauges and styli available, many for delivery next day. 

Available for the following products:

  • Form Talysurf® Intra
  • Form Talysurf® i60 / i120 / i200
  • Form Talysurf® PGI 400 / 800 / 1200
  • Talyrond® 3xx / Talyrond® 5xx + XL variants
  • TalyMaster
  • Talyrond® 450

Please contact us for more details or download the brochure for more upgrade options (page 14 - 15) 

 * Ultra Software licenced options

** Only instruments with R21/S21 electronics.

Aspherics Analysis Utility ( 

Changes since previous release

  • Data Correct analysis including filtering, left/right, fitting, edge extension, etc.
  • Data Correct profile export (.cor)
  • Data Correct Analysis: Edge extension
  • A new licence option for Data correct analysis
  • Calculate “Tilt” angle from a diffractive analysis
  • Settings: Sphere should not be required as a specific option but implied from other settings


  • Upgrade systems if the customer needs these new features upgrade systems if the customer needs these new features
  • All 'Data Correct' features require a specific licence option.

Click here to download the application, supporting tools and demo files

Click here to download just the application's installer

Release Notes:

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Surtronic Roundness X-sight Software (2.01.51)

Easy to use software
The X-sight touch screen software platform with intuitive navigation make the Surtronic roundness system as easy to use as a SatNav or SmartPhone with everything you need at your fingertips.


  • New Digital Centering & Levelling Assist (DCLA) app
  • Operator password lock
  • User back-up and restore settings
  • Multi-page printing (1, 2, 4 or 9 plots per page)
  • Network access and support

Click here to download the application and supporting tools

Click here to download revision history