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How Does a Surface Roughness Tester Work?

The Surtronic® Duo II surface roughness tester measures multiple surface roughness parameters with a 1-button click. Surface Roughness parameters such as Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv and Rt are displayed on a brightly lit intuitive 2.4" LCD colour display.

Watch the demonstration video below!

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Surface Roughness Tester Applications

  • Process control – Grinding, milling, turning, honing, polishing, extrusion
  • Heavy industry – Shipbuilding, pipelines, sheet steel
  • Aerospace – Turbine blades, turbine shafts, wing composites
  • Other – Print rollers, flooring, bonding, glass
Surface Roughness - Surtronic Duo II
Fig1: Surtronic Duo II Surface Roughness Tester Applications

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Other Surface Roughness Testers from Taylor Hobson…

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Taylor Hobson Surface Roughness Testers
Fig2: Surtronic S-100, Intra Touch, Form Talysurf I-series PRO Surface Roughness Testers

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