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Prism Checker | Optical Angle Measurement of Prisms, Polygons, Wedges [Automatic]

Optical Angle Measurement & Testing Instrument

We are pleased to introduce an automatic optical angle measurement system from Taylor Hobson. Ideal for checking the angles, cubes prisms, polygons edges, angle gauges. For use in the inspection area workshops and calibration laboratories. The accuracy and reliability of the system is further enhanced by using error separation techniques on the rotary indexing table.

Taylor Hobson Prism Checker [ Optics Angle]

The prism checker system combines two great names with the taylor hobson ultra-autocollimator and the Aerotech rotary stage. The ultra-autocollimator uses the latest CCD camera technology to produce 0.2 seconds accuracy in both the x and y axis and offers a wide measurement range. Ready for visual analysis or export in .csv format for further calculations.

Prism Checker/instrument for optical angle measurement

The advantage of the Taylor Hobson prism checker is its powerful, simple and intuitive software. Simple language and file settings are included as well as three levels of user operations standard for only running programs admin writing programs and service. The big advantage of the system is once a part is programmed, it can be quickly reloaded and the part or several parts measured at any time.

Prism checker software

Angle Gauges, Wedges & Polygon Measurement

Taylor hobson prism checker

When the mouse is put over an icon it prompts the user as the icons function. Alternatively, you can write a program for an individual part. You can edit the program you can use the unit in manual mode and move and measure. Also, the teachability allows you to build up your program as you are measuring speeds can be controlled and results tables customized.


You can also control the autocollimator settings such as brightness. The prism checker from Taylor Hobson simple versatile and accurate.

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