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How to Measure Surface Roughness Using Surtronic Duo

What is Surface Roughness Tester Sutronic Duo ll?

The Surtronic duo ll is a handheld surface roughness tester/device designed and manufactured by Taylor Hobson. Its unique split design, Bluetooth communication method and wide range of surface roughness parameters make it a unique and flexible measurement instrument. The standard USB charger and large capacity lithium-poly battery deliver more than 10,000 measurements per charge.

Surface Roughness Tester Surtronic Duo II
Surface Roughness Tester Surtronic Duo ll

This article explains the working principle of Taylor Hobson Surtronic Duo and applications.

How Does Surtronic Duo ll Roughness Tester Works? [Surface Roughness Tester Working Priniciple]

The diamond stylus is drawn across the part with a precision motorised traverse mechanism to ensure that the correct horizontal distance is travelled. Vertical movement of the stylus is detected by a high quality piezo-electric pick-up as it travels across peaks and valleys which converts mechanical movement into electrical signals.

Surface roughness tester working principle
Surface Roughness Tester Working Priniciple


The electrical signal is digitised and sent to a microprocessor for instant calculation of surface roughness parameters using standardised algorithms. Simply hit the measurement button and the unit will start. The surface roughness measurement results are transmitted by Bluetooth to the handheld unit and a live profile of the measurement is generated.

What are The Surface Roughness Parameters?

You can scroll through the results. Using the settings, you can select large character mode for better visibility or select a mode, that will show five measurement parameters per screen. Surface Roughness measurement parameters such as Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv and Rt.

  • Rp: Maximum profile peak height
  • Rv: Maximum profile valley depth
  • Rz: Maximum height of the profile
  • Ra: Arithmetic mean deviation 
  • Other parameters: Rsk, Rku, Rq, Rz1max

The device can be docked in its second configuration to protect the stylus. With the stylus protected the unit can be switched off for use elsewhere. The Surtronic duo bringing accurate surface measurement results to the shop floor and manufacturing area. Portable device and easy to use as any smartphone requiring no operator training.

What are The Applications of Surtronic Duo ll Handheld Surface Roughness Tester?

The Surtronic duo skidded device designed for ease of use makes it ideal for the shop floor, industrial and inspection room applications.

  • Process control
  • Heavy industry
  • Aerospace, and other areas


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