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Roundness and Form Measurement with Surtronic R- series & X-Sight Software [Advanced Features]

This article introduces Taylor Hobson's roundness and form tester the Surtronic R-Series. The system comprises of a column, arm, gauge, probe, air bearing spindle, optional centring attachments and a tablet PC.

Surtronic R-series - Roundness Measurement Working Principle

To take a roundness measurement put the components onto the centring attachment, centre the component and gently rotate the table and press the measurement icon. As the sample rotates through 360 degrees, the progress line appears and after a few seconds the result will appear.

The optional centring attachment is designed for high throughput in busy production environments, using it enables the whole measurement process to take less than 20 seconds. As soon as the results have appeared you can change the components and move on to the next component.

Sutronic R 150 Roundess Tester

Using a similar setup, flatness measurements are just as straightforward. Centre the component as before, rotate the gauge to the flatness measurement position, bring the probe into contact and gently spin the table to measure. Fitting or removing the centring attachment is easy. To remove the table, undo the three screws underneath and lift off the assembly.

The standard table is equipped with adjustable centring and levelling controls around the outside. Begin by centring the part of the spindle access by using the centring screws use the levelling adjustments if necessary.

If the part has interrupted features, you begin by measuring roundness over the interruptions and then remove that data. What we want to do is remove the interruptions, so they're not included in the results. Simply double tap the screen and move the cursors around to exclude the interrupt regions. Reanalyse and now you will see the roundness of the part with the interruptions excluded. 

Thickness Variation Measurement

Another common type of measurement undertaken is thickness variation. Once the outer measurement is finished the display prompts you to move to the internal position. There's two ways you can do this.

You can either use over centre roundness or reach across the centre axis of the spindle without rotating the gauge. Or You can rotate the gauge around. 

Making the internal roundness measurement over centre is a little quicker though and is a new feature for this instrument. Move the probe down for the same height as before and then move it into contact. Both results will appear on the screen, displaying the roundness of the outside, the roundness of the inside, the concentricity between the two and the thickness variation.

Taylor Hobson X-sight Software - Harmonic Analysis

The X-sight touch screen software is very versatile, the screen is touch-sensitive and is used to navigate between the various applications: roundness, flatness, harmonic analysis, thickness variations, squareness, more advanced features like velocity and harmonics are all easily accessible by pressing an application you can drill down into the different settings and select different measurement types.

Surtronic Roundness System Touch Tablet

Programmable – Easy to Recreate Application

The software is also programmable, this enables you to copy or recreate an app with a different setting. You can change the name or even the colour and you now have a new app that can be positioned wherever you like. The Surtronic roundness is designed with service ability in mind with easy to replace styli and a plug-and-play gage.

Even the spindle will come out as a single unit. Nearly all the elements are plug and play modules easy to swap out in the field. The Surtronic our series from Taylor Hobson designed for any shop floor. Accurate enough for even the busiest metrology lab easy-to-use fast and robust.

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