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High Speed Roundness & Surface Finish Measurement Systems [Surtronic Range]

Taylor Hobson Surtronic Range

Surface Finish, Surface Roughness & Roundness Measurement Instruments

The Surtronic range from Taylor Hobson comprises of the handheld Surtronic Duo for checking surface roughness, the Surtronic S-Series which is a portable flexible surface finish measurement system with touch screenand the high-speed roundness measurement system the Surtronic R-series. The Surtronic range are easy to use, fast accurate instruments for bearings, automotive and precision industries.

What is Surface Roughness Measurement Tester - Surtronic Duo II?

The Surtronic® Duo II is a portable surface roughness tester that measure multiple roughness parameters with a 1-button click. Roughness measurement parameters such as Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv and Rt are displayed on a brightly lit intuitive 2.4” LCD colour display.

Its rechargeable battery operation makes it a convenient way of performing fast, easy and precise on-the-spot measurements.

Surface roughness measurement tester surtronic duo II
Surface Roughness Tester


What is Surface Finish Measurement Tester Surtronic S-100 Series?

The inclusion of a 50 mm stylus lift with right-angle attachment and more than 70 mm stylus reach means that even the most challenging surfaces can be measured without the need for expensive riser blocks, stands or fixtures.

The anti-slip V-feet also mean the system can be used on flat or curved surfaces. The stylus can even measure upside down!

The pick-up holder is mounted on a slide for vertical adjustment and can also be rotated to different measuring positions, including right-angled measurement.

Surface Finish Tester Surtronic S-100 Series
Surface Finish Measurement Tester


The standard instrument includes 90-degree operation, 50 millimetres stylus lift mechanism and 70 millimetres reach into bores. The instrument can measure directly on cylinders without the need for fixtures or accessoriesand can even measure inside cylinders or inverted surfaces.

The new S-100 Series instruments incorporate instant-on technologyso that it can be ready to measure within one second of pressing the power or measure button.

What is Surface Analysis Software Talyprofile Software?

The surface analysis software talyprofile touch screen software is easy to operate with for shortcut buttons giving instant access to most common functions like filters and scan lengthwhile the simple the menu structure provides access to a very comprehensive set features and optionsincluding more than 50 surface parametersor selectable by standards 4287 or ASME B 46.1

Surface Finish Analysis Software Talyprofile
Surface Analysis Software - Talyprofile


The screen can also be fixed to operate in any one of four orientations to support measurement in any direction. Designed for connectivity with the USB data storage printing mains outlet and PC charging as well as PC data analysis are all achieved through industry standard. USB connections on the rear of the unit this meansthere is never a need to buy custom data cards or chargers as all are commonly available.

Coupled with the S-Series is TalyProfile and dedicated software package, designed for use with workshop or laboratory instruments. Ideal for tolerancing, visualizing and printing.

How to Connect S-100 Roughness Tester to Talyprofile?

Watch demonstartion on "how to connect Surtronic S-100 surface roughness tester to Talyprofile surface analysis software" by Harry Jones - Application Engineer

how to connect S-100 roughness tester to surface roughness software Talyprofile 

What is Roundness Measurement Tester - Surtronic R-series?

The Surtronic R-series system roundness tester is robust enough for the shop floor and accurate enough for any inspection room.Key features are speed: up to three parts per minute including setup.

Precision: full ISO compliant measurements can be takenwith 50-nanometer spindle accuracy and nanometer-level gauge resolution.Robustness, and serviceability: Suitable for 24/7 operation with many user exchangeable parts.

Roundess Tester Sutronic R150
Roundness Tester - Surtronic R-150

The innovative touch screen and X-sight software platform with its intuitive navigation makes Surtronic Roundness system as easy to use as any satnav or smartphone. It can measure roundness, flatness, squareness, concentricity and harmonics amongst others and even includes user programmable apps.

X-sight Software for Roundess Tester Sutronic R150

The Surtronic R-series is perfect for industries and applications that require fast and accurate measurements that you can depend up on the affordable Surtronic Range of products offer the best in measurement accuracy. So,when speed and reliability matter, choose Taylor Hobson.

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