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Automated Optics Measurement System Ideal for Shop Floor [Single | Multipart | Large Diameter]

Optical Measurement System PGI Matrix – AAU Analysis Software

The Form Talysurf PGI Matrix from Taylor Hobson is a fully automated optical measurement system for precision optics measurement

It's easy to program, easy to use and extremely accurate. It's packed with powerful analysis tools (AAU software) to improve your capacity and capability. The software interface has been redesigned from the ground up and offers a dedicated user-friendly interface for the specific measurement of optical moulds and lenses. Presenting clear control options to the operator ideal for production use. The PGI matrix uses a sloping standard to define the center of rotation within microns.

Ashpherics Analysis Utiity Software

Automatic Measurement of Optical Components (Batches)

Critical in enabling the automatic measurement of batches(optics) accurately, part setup is quick and easy. To start the batch measurement, select the batch template and hit go. The PGI Matrix first performs cresting alignment checks. The measurement cycle is fully automated ideal for use on any busy shop floor. Each part will indicate a pass or fail condition in real-time to quickly alert users of yield and a measured time the indicator gives cycle time remaining.

Optical Measurement System PGI Matrix

New X-Offset and Radius Compensation

Batch parameters of Pt, RMS radius, and the slope can all be set as tolerances. A live trace is displayed as the data is collected giving you instant feedback on results. Our new x-offset and radius compensation algorithms enable quick feedback to the manufacturing machines to improve process yields. Unique patented technology delivers nanometer level residual form error analysis across batches with instant and clear feedback.

Measurement Results - TalyMap Surface Analysis Software

Surface traces can be easily sent to TalyMap to see the results in detail and view the 3d astigmatic plot for individual parts. The PGI Matrix can be programmed and configured to work with any layout of parts. It can be used for batch testing of multiple parts, single components, large diameter optics and is ideal for traditionally awkward products such as lens trees.

Surface Analysis Software TalyMap

Flexibility is a key ingredient of the PGI Matrix. Operators can choose which parts to test by simple deselection. Press go and the fully automated process starts. New features such as automatic spike removal, P-V/ RMS radius optimization, cycle time calculator and go/no-go indicators enable you to quickly set up parameters in any production environment.

The Talysurf PGI Matrix - a fully an automated, one-touch optics measurement system. It will increase your productivity has an easy-to-use interface. TalyMap analysis software is equally at home with single or multiple parts. It's fast and accurate. For more information reach us.

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