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How to Measure Bearings | Auto Roller Bearings Measurement

Measure Roller Bearings

Roller bearings are widely used in all main shaft and auxiliary drive shaft applications. In most of the case, the inner race is integrated with the shaft or stub shaft instead of having a separate inner. There are many benefits to do so, including reducing complexity and weight, also build up of concentricity tolerances.

For most bearing manufacturers, this is cost effective. However, many of them have seen the high cost of replacement of repair comparing to separate inter races.

Another important feature bearing manufacturers tend to have a look is material they use. The bearing material must be of adequate hardness and strength enough to support the loads. Conversely, the material needs to be soft enough to embed particulate debris to avoid scoring the shaft.Taylor Hobson provides the roller bearing measurement tools/solutions to analyse the bearings rapidly.

The Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS with automatic rotary and linear stages aligns the bearing to the measurement is then automatically analysed with Metrology 4.0 analysis and contour software. Using this instrument, measure the roller bearings contour drops, X-offset, surface finish and diameter are then analysed automatically.

Analysis solutions 

  • Dimensioning 
  • Wall thickness
  • Profile drops from crown
  • Form error
  • Surface finish 
  • X offset 
  • Tolerancing
Analysis of roller bearings profile with tolerance bands and form(pt)

The roller profile is show with respect to its design (dxf). 

A tolerance band can be created for the full profile - or by sections as shown. 

Metrology 4.0 New Feature: 2D X Auto Roller Bearing Measurement

The '2D X Auto' feature in Metrology 4.0 software It simplifies the measurement of roller bearings by precisely auto-detecting the edge at the start and end of the roller and it provides the analysis of roughness, wall thickness, dimension, and waviness, etc. It is no longer necessary to set the traverse length! This is a huge benefit as, typically, most manufacturers will have many different sizes of roller bearing to measure.

The '2D X Auto' feature provides measurements from and to edges, saves time and helps protect the stylus from potential damage.

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