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Precision Ball Bearing Measurement | Talyrond TR 170 Raceway System

How To Measure Miniature Ball Bearings?

With the vacuum fixture*, we can measure high precision miniature balls bearings rapidly with ease. It will also auto check if the sample is correctly centred to target specification. sIt can hold miniature ball bearings as small as 0.5mm.

Below is a short video showing how to use the vacuum fixture

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The Talyrond® TR-170 Raceway system is designed specifically for bearing raceway and precision ball bearings measurements.

Talyrond TR-170 Raceway Instrument Key Features:

  • Granite base & steel structure and passive AV in base with optional wheels

  • - Reduces floor vibration – ideal for shop floor environment
  • Active Vibration Isolation

  • - AV120 provides active weight and vibration compensation
  • Spindle protection system

  • - Filter and dryer protect against oil, water and particle contamination
  • New high precision manual column

  • - For fine adjustments and positioning

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More information about this product please visit our product page. Supplied with comprehensive range of ball holders.


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