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Surface Profiling Measurement Solutions From Taylor Hobson

Surface Profilers

Surface profilers are used to measure and characterize the surface features of a optical material on the micro-and nanoscale. These minute topographical features are typically categorized as roughness, waviness, or directional lay, representing potentially microscopic structure superimposed on the true form of a material’s substrate.

Assessing the surface profile of a product is crucial as the uppermost layers of a material are often responsible for much of the material’s interaction with external media. Both anisotropic and isotropic materials exhibit friction and wear properties that are distinct to their surface textures. This phenomenon is critical for a broad range of industrial sectors, with mechanical components coming under scrutiny to ensure that their surface texture meets stringent requirements.

This article will explore some of the surface profilers available from Taylor Hobson in more detail:

Contact Surface Profilers for Optical Components

The PGI Dimension has been developed for precision measurement of both steep and shallow spherical, aspherical, and diffractive lenses, and molds in a range of 2 mm – 300 mm diameters. This operates on the core technology of aspheric surface profiling with high accuracy roundness and runout, and is routinely used for metrological quality control in optical production environments.

For full automation in optical surface profiling, the PGI Matrix couples an integrated PGI gauge with leading-edge automation equipment. This enables operators to pre-program the instrument to automate the measurement of form, radius, slope error, zone depth, and spacing errors.

We also offer the Form Talysurf PGI Optics and PGI Freeform for distinct optical applications.

Contact Surface Profilers for Mechanical Components

Mechanical surface profiling is critical for ensuring the performance of a component with mating parts, and for analyzing wear and abrasion.

The Form Talysurf i-Series is a comprehensive solution for quality control and product assessment. It can provide a breadth of information pertaining to a component’s surface topography and is routinely used to assess the quality of mechanical bearings, crankshafts, gear box casings, and more.

Surface Profile measurement instrument i-Series PRO

The Form Talysurf CNC Series represents the highest versatility instrument of the range, with outstanding resolution and automation for mechanical surface profiling. It boasts a world-leading 5 mm gauge with a 0.4 nanometer (nm) resolution for analyzing components that weigh as much as 150 kg.

Surface Profile Measurement Equipment Form Talysurf CNC Series

Surface Profiling Measurement Solutions with Taylor Hobson

Taylor Hobson is an industry-leader in the development and supply of ultra-precision technology that operates at the most demanding degrees of accuracy. We provide both contact and non-contact measurement instrumentation for the assessment of material surface qualities, and are ever innovating our product range and services to provide solutions for the next generation of surface profiling technologies.

If you would like any more information about surface profiling with Taylor Hobson, please do not hesitate to  Contact Us

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