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What Is Form Measurement in Metrology?

What is Form Measurement?

A form measurement is conducted to determine the overall shape of an object under test, which may refer to its flatness, straightness, parallelism, roundness, or cylindricity.

This is critical for ensuring that the component will fit in the end-product application, which is in turn key for ensuring product performance and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Form Measuring Instrument in Metrology LUPHOScan 260 HD

LUPHOScan 3d Non-contact Profilometer: Fast, reliable non-contact real 3d form measurement of aspheric lenses, spheres, flats and slight freeforms.

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How To Form Measurements is Carried Out?

Form measurements in metrology are typically carried out using a sensitive stylus that makes direct contact with the surface of the test object. This stylus is attached to a sensitive gauge that can detect surface variations on the nanometric scale, which is in-turn connected to a high-precision spindle and orientation mechanism. The capabilities of these components vary dramatically depending on the equipment used and the measuring requirements.

Optimal form measurements assure that a component is suitable for integration into additional machinery, or for individual application, by calculating the object’s ‘form fit’. This is used by measuring the real profile of the object against best fit data to detect any deviations that could exclude the component from satisfactory application. Form fit measurements are critical in high volume manufacturing batch inspections for optimal quality control and assurance.

It is possible to measure complex parts against pre-defined mathematical principles with considerations for deliberate deviations such as divots and perforations. This is achieved through a ‘form fit exclude’, which is used to isolate distinct sections of an object from measurement and ensure they do not interfere with the accuracy of results. Versatile form measurements with experimental parameters are often used in R&D, and cutting-edge engineering.

Form Measurements in Metrology with Taylor Hobson

Taylor Hobson is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ultra-precise Roundness and Form Measurement Instruments. We operate at the highest levels of accuracy to provide accurate form fit assessments for batch measuring and development applications.

Our product range incudes a brand-new concept in surface inspection; the Talyrond 500HS and the TalyMaster, with multi-part high precision roundness and form measuring:

Talyrond 500HS PRO provides unmatched surface form measurement of complex parts such as bearings and fuel injectors in terms of speed, position control, and reliability.

Roundness Tester Talyrond 500 HS PRO

TalyMaster offers exceptional versatility for high throughput quality control and measuring of form in R&D applications.

        Talymaster - Roundness, Form, Surface Roughness, Contour Measurement Machine


We also offer a range of instruments for roundness and form measurements with higher capacities and for shop floor production environments.

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