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What are Precision Microptic Clinometers?

What is a Clinometer?

A clinometer is an optical device designed to measure the angular profiles of a surface against a vertical or horizontal reference. This enables precision measurement of surface elevation, depression, and tilt which are fundamental properties for successful leveling and alignment of components.


Electronic precision levels are commonly used to determine the absolute level, straightness, and flatness of machine slides and surface plates. Slope and tilt are widely measured using digital clinometers, which are typically designed to measure angular faces, component drooping, and slopes with a measuring range of +/-45°.

Microptic clinometers are equipped with both vertical and horizontal components to enable dual-purpose angular measurement across a 360° measuring range. This metrological technology is preferable for assessing the angles of components in moving structures and can be equipped with a range of additional measuring accessories for setting-out angles and operation in poorly-lit environments.

This article will explore the capacities and applications of microptic clinometers in more detail:

Precision Microptic Clinometers

The TB100 Microptic Clinometer was engineered for high-precision angle checking and setting across vertical and horizontal axes. It is equipped with a circular glass scale that is mounted on a rotating spindle housed in a highly-accurate bearing. An eye piece enables direct observation of the scale’s axial rotation with two distinct scales: the primary scale, which is measured in degrees; and the optical micrometer scale, which is measured in minutes. 

Taylor Hobson Microptic Clinometer

Data from the microptic clinometer’s scale is determined against a reference vial attached to the spindle. This sensitive bubble unit is available as standard for angular measurements against a horizontal reference. The bubble unit can be replaced with a worktable for vertical measurements using small, weighted loads of up to 2.5kg.

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The TB100 Microptic Clinometer can also be equipped with an adjustable reflector to enable integration of an autocollimator for non-contact angular measurements.

This versatile microptic clinometer is efficient and accurate, providing a direct reading to 10 seconds of arc and estimations to within 2 seconds of arc across both the circular and micrometer scales. It has found widespread application in civil and military engineering, and the machining of tools.

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