Form Talysurf PGI Matrix

Fully Automated Precision Optical Surface Form Measurement Instrument

The Form Talysurf PGI Matrix is easy to set-up and program for the measurement and analysis of single or multiple parts. This instrument is the perfect optical surface form measurement system for fast and accurate testing of optical components up to 200 mm Diameter. A modular system, adaptable for differing budgets and technical needs.

  • Overview +

    The Form Talysurf PGI Matrix is the perfect all-around optical profilometer/instrument for fully automated 2D and 3D form metrology of optics ranging from small, mobile phone lenses to large astronomy optics. 

    Our  productivity tool kit, offers a unique advantage for batch testing when measurement speed and throughput is a must. 
    The integrated PGI gage technology coupled with sophisticated automation software and hardware now offer users the ability to measure freeform optics that were never before possible. 

    • Reduced costs and improved manufacturing yields 
    • Improved utilisation 
    • Improve your competitiveness 
    • Future metrology savings 

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