Optics PGI

Optics PGI

  • PGI Freeform +

    The new Form Talysurf® PGI Freeform is a versatile, high resolution system dedicated to the measurement of high precision freeform optics. Providing 3D raster / radial measurement and analysis of: read more.

  • PGI Matrix +

    A fully automated, fast and accurate system for precision optics measurement read more.

  • Talysurf PGI Optics +

    Simply the best form accuracy when measuring aspheric and diffractive optics read more.

  • PGI Dimension +

    The new PGI Dimension is an ideal dedicated metrology instrument for precision measurement of 3D form of shallow and steep aspherical lenses and moulds from <2mm and up to 300mm diameter read more.