PGI Optics Profilometers

Form Measurement Profilometers For Optical Surfaces

Taylor Hobson’s Form Talysurf PGI Optics instrument is a contact, stylus Optical profilometer, it delivers form measurement of plastic lenses, spheres, aspheres, freeforms, IR glass & crystals and diffractives up to 300 mm in diameter. Our patented PGI (Phase Grating Interferometer) technology enables you to measure large sags with short length styli for the highest accuracy measurements. We designed PGI optics profilometers with powerful aspheric analysis software tools to improve your capacity and capability. 
Taylor Hobson high performance optical metrology systems/tools are: Form Talysurf PGI Freeform, Form Talysurf PGI Matrix, Form Talysurf PGI Optics

  • PGI Freeform +

    Form Talysurf PGI Freeform Profilometer for Freeform Optical Surface 3d Form Measurement

    The Form Talysurf® PGI Freeform is a versatile, high resolution surface profilometer dedicated to the measurement of high precision freeform optics. This freeform optics measurement system can measure any optical surface form in true 3D, there is no part design information required to make these more.

  • PGI Matrix +

    Form Talysurf PGI Matrix Profilometer for Automated 2D & 3D Optical Surface Form Measurement

    The Form Talysurf® PGI Matrix is a fully automated, fast and accurate stylus optics surface profilometer/system for single or multiple optical components surface form measurement. The system is the perfect all-around instrument for fully automated 2D and 3D form metrology of optics ranging from small, mobile phone lenses to large astronomy optics. read more.

  • Talysurf PGI Optics +

    Form Talysurf PGI Optics Stylus Surface Profilometer for Aspheric & Diffractive Optics Measurement

    The Form Talysurf® PGI Optics is the ideal contact stylus surface profilometer/equipment for ‘in-process’ inspection at all stages of optics manufacture, from rough ground to fine polished. It is the number one choice for optics manufacturers measuring aspheric form error.
    read more.