Talysurf i-Series

  • Overview +

    The Talysurf i-Series is a simple to operate high accuracy instrument capable of roughness and waviness measurement. The systems low noise axes and high resolution gauge ensures measurement integrity.

    Decades of experience, ultra precision machining expertise and FEA optimized design combine to provide low noise and near flawless mechanical execution of the measuring axes. Further enhancement via the use of traceable standards and exclusive algorithms effectively eliminates instrument influence from the measurement results.

    Unparalleled measurement capability

    Surface detail
    - High resolution gauges with low noise enables roughness and waviness measurement.

    Parameter detail
    - Additional analyses include Rk, R&W, dominant wavelength and more...

    Versatile and easy to use

    Utilizing powerful control and analysis software the measurement of roughness and waviness have never been easier

    - Gauge calibration
    - Q-Link production interface
    - Form optimization
    - Superior gauging


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