Form Talysurf WRi PRO

A high range, versatile system dedicated for contour measurement instrument

  • Overview +

    The Form Talysurf® WRi PRO (Wide Range Inductive) provides an in depth understanding of the measurement of contour.

    Taylor Hobson’s unique ball calibration routine delivers unrivalled gauge linearity and therefore form measurement capability.

    Simply position the component so that all features to be measured are within gauge range. As the system moves over the features the integrity of the data is assured because of the linearity over the entire range has been considered in the calibration process.

    Contour software handles the manipulation and analysis of the data quickly and easily.

    Simplify the system operation by use of joystick buttons, user defined macro buttons and analysis shortcuts.

    Powered by Metrology 4.0 Software

    Powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use.
    The user interface provides at a glance monitoring of the measurement process.
    Real time simulation and true part co-ordinates enable monitoring and control to a level unprecedented in the industry.



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