Form Talysurf® i-Series PRO Range

Form Talysurf I-series Contour & Surface Finish Measurement Machines

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  • Form Talysurf® i-Series PRO +

    Surface finish measuring equipment Form Talysurf® i-SeriesThe new Form Talysurf® i-Series PRO Range is designed for fast, accurate measurement of cylinder heads and blocks, gears, sheet metal, semi-conductors and many other applications. It is capable of simultaneous surface finish and contour measurement machine. The i-Series pro range is powered by the most advanced software ‘Metrology 4.0’. Metrology 4.0 software is easy to use with an intuitive user-interface, virtual display and real time control. read more.

  • Form Talysurf® WRi PRO +

    Cntour Measuring Machine Form Talysurf® WRi PROThe Form Talysurf® WRi PRO (Wide Range Inductive) provides an in depth understanding of the measurement of contour. Simply position the component so that all features to be measured are within gauge range. As the system moves over the features the integrity of the data is assured because of the linearity over the entire range has been considered in the calibration process. read more.

  • Talysurf PRO +

    Surface roughness measuring system Talysurf PROTalysurf PRO is an affordable, low noise, high resolution system for surface roughness and waviness measurement. It is simple to operate with high accuracy and capability of roughness and waviness measurement. The system uses a polynomial and spline form optimisation to remove the surface shape. This quick and simple technique allows roughness and waviness to be analysed over flat and curved surfaces. read more.