Surtronic® S-100 Series - Surface Roughness Tester

Portable Surface Finish Tester / Surface Roughness Measurement Tester

The Surtronic® S-100 Series is a range of robust, portable handheld surface finish testers or surface roughness testers. Simply press the measurement button and in a few seconds a full set of traceable measurement results including a detailed profile graph will be displayed.

The surface roughness tester is fast and reliable. The gauge range for Surtronic® S-116 is 200 µm / 100 µm / 10 µm and the Surtronic® S-128 is 400 µm / 100 µm / 10 µm.

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    Designed for shop floor, industrial and inspection room applications, the Surtronic® S-100 Series surface roughness testers offers a versatile solution for all your surface finish measurement requirements. Application specific accessories can be tailored with a variety of fixtures for your specific need.

    The Surtronic® S-100 Series digital, stylus surface finish analysis testers come in two variants: the S-116 is our standard offering, whilst the S-128 offers extended measurement range and analysis capability.

    Surface Finish Tester Surtronic S-100 Series

    Surtronic® surface finish inspection/analysis products ideal for a wide range of industries including precision bearings, process control, automotive, heavy industry, flooring, and aerospace engineering and many more. The Surtronic® S-100 Series surface finish testers has the key attributes that are most important for quality control in today’s precision industries;  Taylor Hobson’s TalyProfile Software Package is designed for Roughness measurement instruments.

    Any surface, any height

    The inclusion of a 50 mm stylus lift with right-angle attachment and more than 70 mm stylus reach means that even the most challenging surfaces can be measured without the need for expensive riser blocks, stands or fixtures.

    The anti-slip V-feet also mean the system can be used on flat or curved surfaces. The stylus can even measure upside down!

    The pick-up holder is mounted on a slide for vertical adjustment and can also be rotated to different measuring positions, including right-angled measurement.

    Surface Roughness Tester Surtronic S-100 Series

    Surtronic® S-100 Series Surface Roughness Tester Features

    • Advanced roughness parameter options to suit your application
    • USB Connectivity for charging, external storage or printing
    • Measure any surface, any height with the included stylus lift
    • Anti-slip V-feet mean the system can be used on flat or curved surfaces
    • Built to last, by design – Impact resistant rubberised mouldings
    • 2000 measurements from a single charge
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