Surface Profilers

Stylus Surface Profilometers/Equipment for Surface Finish, Contour and Form Measurement

Our diverse range of stylus surface profilometers (surface finish measurement equipment) are synonymous with reliability, repeatability, and accuracy across all measurement platforms. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to deliver measurement of surface finish, 2d & 3D form, surface roughness, step-height, diameter, angle, contour on applications such as: precision optics, cylinder heads and blocks, gears, sheet metal, shop floor and many other applications in manufacturing. Contact us to discuss your requirements forhigh precision, high performance contour measurement, surface finish measurementand surface roughness measuring equipment.

PGi Optics Profilometers

PGI Optics Profilometers
Taylor Hobson offers a wide range of form measuring instruments/profilometers for optical surfaces and metrology software solutions for high value applications optics.

Form Talysurf®CNC Series
The Form Talysurf CNC Series system can be programmed to your individual requirements for surface finish measurement (surface roughness, waveness, form, radius, etc) & contour measurement analysis of crankshafts, heads, blocks, gear box casings and much more.

Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS
The new Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS provides the ability to measure surface finish(surface roughness, waviness and form, etc), diameter, included angle in a normal and inverted direction with the same speed and accuracy.

Surface finish, step height, contour, topography measuring instrumentace finish

Form Talysurf® Laser
The Form Talysurf® LASER is a great new addition to Taylor Hobson's surface profiler product range. The LASER gauge provides the ability to measure included angle, surface finish and contour in a normal and inverted direction with the same speed and accuracy.

Surface finish, contour, waviness measuring instrument

Form Talysurf® i-Series PRO Range
The Form Talysurf® i-Series PRO range of products is the main market reference tool for surface finish(roughness, step height, waviness, etc), topography, shape and 3D contour measurement.

Robust, Portable surface finish, form , waviness and contour measuring machine
Shop Floor Intra
The Form Talysurf Intra is a form of reliable and robust instrument for surface finish (roughness, waveness) measurement, ideal for 'workshop' production environments.
Taylor Hobson Surface Roughness Tester
Handheld Surtronic
The product range Surtronic combines advanced technology with precision and value to give the measurement of surface finish (surface roughness) in the workshop, a control room or laboratory. Portable and flexible range handheld surtronic series surface finish( roughness) testers/meters are ideal for measuring a wide range of components, even if they are inaccessible or difficult to move.
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