AEROStack Systems

Next Generation Fully Automated Stack Alignment Measurement Systems for Jet Engines and Turbopump Assemblies

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    Our AEROStack Systems are ideal whether you are new to stack optimization or you have been taking advantage of the principle for many years...

    We are pleased to introduce the fully automated range of AEROStack Systems. Already relied upon by global engine programs for assembly, Taylor Hobson is capable of measuring individual rotors and complete assemblies whether it's OEM or aftermarket.

    By utilizing axial and radial measurements on individual components, best assembly build configurations can be calculated to meet optimal performance for your products.

    Compressors & Turbine Assemblies

    Straighter assemblies enables reduced engine noise, reduced vibration and increased fuel economy.

    Significantly reduce engine build time with Taylor Hobson's AEROStack Systems and avoid the need for reassembly with near 100% first time build.

    Powerful TALYStack Optimization Software - Taylor Hobson provides the ability to use your own build algorithms or take advantage of our TALYStack software.

    AEROStack Systems - Features & Benefits

    • Higher first build yields
    • Reduced measurement times - Increased throughput
    • Increased accuracy and repeatability
    • Full automation
    • Reduced operator training
    • Consistency between operators and locations
    • Optimized ergonomics eliminates operator fatigue
    • Full service partnership - Including training, programming and fixtures

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