Aerospect SPS - Stack Prediction Systems

Precision measurement systems for Turbine/Engine alignment

Dedicated to the analysis and alignment of Gas Turbine and Jet Engines. Utilising a unique set of Algorithms the Aerospect SPS software is a windows based package developed for the measurement and alignment of stacked components within the Turbine engine build.

  • Overview +

    Aerospect SPS is an industrial hardened engine alignment system which significantly reduces stacking time and optimises engine performance

    An industrial hardened jet engine alignment system which significantly reduces stacking time and optimises engine performance.

    The Aerospect SPS consists of a high load capacity air bearing spindle made from hardened tool steel mounted on a granite plate. This spindle provides a high degree of accuracy while maintaining shop floor robustness required during the engine build and alignment process. Measurements are taken using 4 precision gauge heads (8 optional) mounted on two gauges posts ensuring fast simple set up.

    Special "swing away" gauge arms allow the operator to load and unload components in a rapid and safe manner. Developed in conjunction with a major engine manufacturer the system is powered by Aerospect Windows® based software, unique algorithms are used to optimise alignment and help eliminate "crankshaft" and "banana" type effects caused by incorrect stacking.

    Aerospect SPS - Features & Benefits

    • Air bearing spindle master axis with radial and axial precision of < 0.125 µm
    • Full centre and level capability with large load capacity
    • Low profile table for stacking and build assistance
    • Multi-gauge set up (optional 8) with 4 gauge simultaneous measurement
    • Swing away gauge heads for safe load/unload of components
    • Aerospect stack prediction software with easy set up and shopfloor programming
    • Centre and level software aid
    • Parameters include roundness, flatness, run-out and SP value and angle

    Aerospect Stack Prediction software

    The Aerospect stack prediction software enables the operator to align pre-measured parts through an intuitive software aid. This facility significantly reduces engine build time and avoids the need for re-assembly with a first time build in 98% of cases.

    Part programs can be written for specific operations or engine builds, these programs provide instructions for the operator simplifying the build process. Part programs also enable cost effective introduction of new engine line and assemblies by ensuring predictable engine build schedules.

    Engine Reliability and Efficiency

    The precision air bearing spindle and gauging combined with the dedicated Aerospect software enable first time build of engines to a tighter specification. This has an large impact on engine efficiency by enabling a reduced rotor to stator clearance but also reduces time between maintenance by reducing vibration and increasing engine life.