Space and Defence Optics

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    The quality of lenses and their housings is critical to the performance of optical products and assemblies.

    Measurement Solutions

    Taylor Hobson products deliver an in depth understanding of characteristics such as surface finish, contour, form, radius, roundness, harmonic analysis, alignment, straightness, flatness, parallelism and squareness providing vital feedback for improvements in design and production.

    • Virtual Reality (VR) goggles
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
    • Head-Up-Display (HUD)
    • Augmented-Reality (AR)
    • Fold Mirrors (Satellites)
    • Off-axis Mirrors (Inter Satellite Communication, Telescopes, etc.)
    • Camera for Satellites (Star Tracker)
    • Thermal Inspection (Machines, Vehicles)
    • Missile guidance (Submarine, Aircraft)
    • Night Vision System
    • Gun-sight
    • Artillery Vision System
    • Off-axis Windows for Rifle Sights and Range Finders
    • Binoculars
    • Observation Camera
    • Illumination System
    • Hemispheres (Gyroscopes, Domes)
    • Visors

    Aspheres, Spheres & Flats - Illumination & Imaging Systems

    LUPHOScan platforms are interferometric, scanning metrology systems based on MWLI® (multi-wavelength interferometry) technology. They are designed to perform ultra precision non-contact 3D form measurements mainly of rotationally symmetric surfaces, like aspheres, spheres and flats. Due to the scanning approach, there is no limitation in aspherical departure.

    The Form Talysurf® PGI Optics is a versatile system for precision optics metrology. This is an entry-level system, ideal for 2D analysis correction processes during manufacturing.

    Asphero-Diffractive Optics - Thermal Inspection & Infrared

    Asphero-diffractive elements intentionally use steps to modify phase behaviour by diffraction. Although there is a different physical purpose in application, asphero-diffractive optics can be measured and analysed in the same way as Fresnel optics. Continuous measurement of interrupted surfaces can be achieved using LUPHOScan non-contact measurement capability.

    The Form Talysurf® PGI Optics is also capable of measuring interrupted surfaces with additional detailed analysis of step height and zone width.

    Fresnel Lenses - Virtual Reality Goggles & Illumination

    Ground breaking analysis of Fresnel lenses with LUPHOScan. The main aim of Fresnel optics design is reduction of thickness and mass, without changing optical properties. Although there is a different physical purpose in application, asphero-diffractive optics and Fresnel optics can be measured and analysed in the same way.

    A full 3D evaluation of the optical surface can be achieved on Fresnel slopes of up to 55°, while the entire slope (Fresnel structure plus substrate’s base shape) still can be up to 90°.

    Freeforms - Head-Up Display (HUD)

    Pilots using a Head-Up Display (HUD) could operate their aircraft with greater precision and accuracy than using conventional flight instrument systems. The HUD lens surface form error and its misalignment can interfere with the perception of the surrounding environments, therefore the quality of HUD is directly linked to safety. LUPHOScan can acquire the full freeform surface of high precision mirrors and optics. For extreme shaped freeforms with low accuracy (e.g. Illumination optics), the Form Talysurf® PGI Freeform can be used.



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