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    Helicopter parts operate under severe conditions, the quality of these manufactured parts is critical for both civilian and military helicopter platforms.

    Measurement Solutions

    Taylor Hobson products deliver an in depth understanding of characteristics such as surface finish, contour, form, radius, roundness, harmonic analysis, alignment, straightness, flatness, parallelism and squareness providing vital feedback for improvements in design and production.

    • Engine Alignment
    • Gyroscope Components
    • Blade Angle Measurement
    • Weapons Alignment – Harmonization
    • Monitoring Deflections
    • Landing Gear & Hydraulic Components
    • Helicopter Engine Testing to Drive Shaft
    • Alignment of Jigs and Fixtures
    • Gearbox Seals and Gear Wheels
    • Rotor Drive
    • Compressor & Turbine Modules
    • Engine Blade Measurement

    Gyroscope Components and Engine Alignment

    Gyroscope Components

    Gyroscopes improve flight safety in helicopters by monitoring angular rate, or how quickly an object turns. The rotation is typically measured in reference to one of three axes: yaw, pitch, or roll.

    Gyroscope components are delicate and require precise care and handling. Taylor Hobson range of non-contact and contact products allow for various measurements including form, surface finish, size and 3D feature analysis.

    Engine Alignment

    Knowing if a set of components will or will not meet specification prior to assembly cannot be understated. The build process becomes more predictable allowing better scheduling and planning and even increasing throughput; use of Taylor Hobson systems in nearly all cases reduces the build time by greater than 40%.

    Our systems provide completely automated set up and measurement, all axes including the centre and levelling table are computer controlled through simple CNC based programs. The measurement time for the complete core or individual core components is less than a third of equivalent manual based systems. This enables the ability to provide greater control and accuracy represents a substantial cost saving by avoiding the need to re-work components.

    Blade Angle Measurement and Monitoring Deflections

    Blade Angle Measurement

    The angle of blades or for example aerofoils can be checked easily using a digital inclinometer.

    The single axis digital clinometer is designed for stability and repeatability in a range of applications. Handheld and easy to use, the clinometer uses quartz accelerometer, giving fast and accurate data.

    Monitoring Deflections

    To monitor the deflection on an airframe or for example the droop of a helicopter blade, a target can be placed on the part of the aircraft or assembly jig and a Micro Alignment Telescope used to monitor deflections over time.

    Weapons Alignment – Harmonization

    The effectiveness of the navigational/attack system of fighter helicopter depends on the accurate alignment of all systems to the aircraft’s longitudinal fuselage datum (LFD). To allow ground crew to check the harmonization, telescopes and collimators (to provide a line of sight) are mounted in a sighting frame and alignment checking jig.



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