Commercial Jets

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    Throughout the entire process of building a jet, components and assemblies are inspected for accuracy, the engine will continue to be monitored throughout its service life.

    Measurement Solutions

    Taylor Hobson products deliver an in depth understanding of characteristics such as surface finish, contour, form, radius, roundness, harmonic analysis, alignment, straightness, flatness, parallelism and squareness providing vital feedback for improvements in design and production.

    • Jet Engine Alignment
    • Gyroscope Components
    • Optical Alignment of Aircraft Jigs
    • Engine Blade Measurement
    • Checking alignment of Internal Navigational Unit (INU)
    • Aligning Aircraft Target Board (ATB)
    • Compressor & Turbine Modules
    • Aero Blades
    • Shafts & Gear Bores
    • Landing Gear & Hydraulic Parts

    Jet Engine Alignment

    Knowing if a set of components will or will not meet specification prior to assembly cannot be understated. The build process becomes more predictable allowing better scheduling and planning and even increasing throughput; use of Taylor Hobson systems in nearly all cases reduces the build time by greater than 40%.

    Our systems provide completely automated set up and measurement, all axes including the centre and levelling table are computer controlled through simple CNC based programs. The measurement time for the complete core or individual core components is less than a third of equivalent manual based systems. This enables the ability to provide greater control and accuracy represents a substantial cost saving by avoiding the need to re-work components.

    Gyroscope Components

    In the aircraft industry, gyroscopes are used in attitude, compass and turn coordinators. These instruments contain a wheel or rotor rotating at a high RPM which gives it two important properties: rigidity and precession.

    Gyroscope components are delicate and require precise care and handling. Taylor Hobson range of non-contact and contact products allow for various measurements including form, surface finish, size and 3D feature analysis.

    Optical Alignment of Aircraft Jigs

    The production of jigs and fixtures for a new aircraft is always a major undertaking which increases proportionally with the size of the plane. Jig members must be set parallel and in line to each other. The Micro Alignment Telescope aligns the jig members. The jig members are set parallel to each other by being set perpendicular to a common line of sight which is established between a telescope and targets positioned at the jig stations.

    Engine Blade Measurement

    Engine blades are critical components used in several stages of jet engines. The thrust produced in such assemblies is directly related to the airflow around the blades, which help reduce engine noise and vibration, in turn giving a direct improvement in fuel efficiency. More money is spent on Aero blades than any other part of jet engine.

    The Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS offers many benefits over traditional measurement techniques which help to drive engine improvements. Not only offering next level form accuracy over the entire complex blade shape including the leading and trialling edges, but simultaneous roughness and waviness from a single measurement.

    This complete measurement solution can be used in blade development and production control with the added benefits of dimensional control from an automated measurement.



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