Micro Lens Array

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    Micro Lens ArrayMicrolens Arrays are a relatively new technology which are now widely used for such applications as Optical Switching, DWDM and Waveguides. With individual lenses as small as 15um, the measurement of sub-micron form errors and Angstrom-level surface finish creates a uniquely challenging metrology requirement.

    The Talysurf CCI meets this challenge with its world-beating specification. Detailed in the Talysurf information below.

    TalyMap 3D Analysis SoftwareTalyMap 3D Analysis Software

    Talymap has been designed specifically for the metrology industry and has many operations supplied; zoom, filtering, levelling by least square line removal, symmetries, rotations, threshold setting and cylindrical, spherical or polynomial form removal and much more. 2D profiles can be extracted and exported to Aspherics Analysis Utility (see below).

    Aspherics Analysis Software UtilityAspherics Analysis Software Utility

    In-depth analysis of Aspheric Optics, using Taylor Hobson's renowned algorithm capability. Form Error & Surface Finish Parameters, SAG Tables and Astigmatism Analysis supplied as standard with PGI Aspherics Systems. Also available is a unique Derived Coefficients module, allowing the aspheric data to be calculated directly from the component.



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