Laser Etalons

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    Laser EtalonsEtalons are high specification flat optics used to concentrate laser beams at a particular frequency. Etalons have particularly high specifications for flatness, surface finish and step height/alignment create a demanding metrology requirement. Taylor Hobson has successfully addressed this application with both contact and non-contact measurement solutions. Detailed in the Talysurf information below.

    Ultra Contour 2D Dimensional Analysis SoftwareUltra Contour 2D Dimensional Analysis Software

    Analyses length, angle, radius via direct comparison with component drawing data. Customised automatic routine allows assessment of step height, angle and other critical Etalon dimensional features, with automatic tolerancing and reporting functions for process control.

    TalyMap 3D Analysis SoftwareTalyMap 3D Analysis Software

    TalyMap has been designed specifically for the metrology industry and has many operations supplied; zoom, filtering, levelling by least square line removal, symmetries, rotations, threshold setting and cylindrical, spherical or polynomial form removal and much more.



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