Fibre Optic Connectors

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    Fibre Optic ConnectorsV-Groove Fibre Optics Connectors are manufactured in a range of materials, including Zerodur. Such materials need to be machined from solid blanks, using Ultra High Precision Milling.

    The components feature V-Groove cross-sectional form, which needs to be controlled to sub-micron levels in order to ensure correct fibre alignment, thus minimising transmission losses. Surface Micro-Roughness is also an important process control parameter, with nanometric levels of surface finish required.

    Taylor Hobson's Form Talysurf Aspheric Measurement Systems, with custom dimensional analysis included within Ultra Contour software, offer the ideal measurement solution for V-Groove Connectors. Detailed in the Talysurf information below.

    Ultra 2D Surface Finish Analysis SoftwareUltra 2D Surface Finish Analysis Software

    Analyses length, angle, radius via direct comparison with component drawing data. Customised automatic routine allows assessment of pitch, angle and other critical V-Groove dimensional features, with automatic tolerancing and reporting functions for process control.


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