Diffractive Optics

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    Diffractive Optics with Aspheric base forms are typically manufactured using Single Point Diamond Turning. In order to control this process so that sub-micron form accuracies can be achieved, Taylor Hobson's Form Talysurf is an essential metrology tool.

    Diffractive lenses and mirrors have a number of critical dimensional features, which determine the component's optical performance. These include underlying aspheric form, zone height & diameter, and surface finish. Taylor Hobson have many years experience of meeting the measurement requirements of this highly specialist application. Detailed in the Talysurf information below.

    Aspherics Analysis Software Utility

    In-depth analysis of Aspheric Optics, using Taylor Hobson's renowned algorithm capability. Form Error & Surface Finish Parameters, SAG Tables and Astigmatism Analysis supplied as standard with PGI Aspherics Systems. Also available is a unique Derived Coefficients module, allowing the aspheric data to be calculated directly from the component.