Optics Applications

  • Diamond Turned Aspheric Optics +

    Diamond Turned Aspheric OpticsAspheric optics are now specified for a wide variety of industrial, defence and consumer applications read more.

  • Fibre Optic Connectors +

    Fibre Optic ConnectorsV-Groove Fibre Optics Connectors are manufactured in a range of materials, including Zerodur read more.

  • Polished Optics +

    Polished OpticsPolished or Diamond-Turned optics are frequently specified with surface finish levels as low as 1-2nm RMS read more.

  • Diffractive Optics +

    Diffractive OpticsDiffractive Optics with Aspheric base forms are typically manufactured using Single Point Diamond Turning read more.

  • Ground & Polished Aspheric Optics +

    Ground & Polished Aspheric OpticsSpherical Optics made from glass and crystalline materials have traditionally been ground and polished to deliver the specified form and surface finish read more.

  • Micro Lens Array +

    Micro Lens ArrayMicrolens Arrays are a relatively new technology which are now widely used for such applications as Optical Switching, DWDM and Waveguides read more.

  • Laser Etalons +

    Laser EtalonsEtalons are high specification flat optics (λ/100 or better) used to concentrate laser beams at a particular frequency read more.

  • Freeform Optics +

    Freeform OpticsNon Rotationally Symmetric (Freeform) optics are becoming increasingly widely used for both civil and military applications read more.