Cosmetic / Dermatology

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    Skin is made up of two kinds of tissue. The epidermis is made up of stratified squamous epithelium and is full of keratin and hardened. The dermis underlies the epidermis, epi meaning above. Wrinkles consist of retractions of the upper skin layer, which are limited by a bulge in a linear way.

    As the population across the globe ages, so to does the demand for anti aging creams. There is a requirement to verify the performance of these creams but there are also interesting developments within the creams themselves, which include the use of nanoparticles.

    Cosmetic manufacturers spend vast amounts of money in R&D on new cosmetic products, which are aimed at improving appearance. Along with safety testing, cosmetic manufacturers need to provide quantitative data on the performance of these cosmetic creams and lotions.

    Although microscopes can provide visual information they are often insufficient for the detailed analysis required. Typically anti ageing cream analysis amounts to analysing a skin sample before and after the application of the cream. Usually replicas of the surface are used, as it is not feasible to measure the actual substrates involved.

    The Talysurf CLI or CCI platforms with a high-resolution gauge offer an ideal data acquisition tool for this application. While Talymap Textured Surfaces software offers ideal visualisation and analysis. Included in this software is the ability to analyse furrow depth and density along with overall texture direction. For product information click the link below.


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