Medical Applications

  • Orthopaedic Implants +

    Orthopaedic ImplantsOrthopaedic implants is a wide term which covers a number of artificial devices which are used to replace joints in the body, e.g. hip, knee, finger and shoulder read more.

  • Dental +

    DentalA large amount of research is completed on an annual basis in the area of dental wear read more.

  • Bio MEMS +

    Bio MEMSBioMEMs applies micro devices to biological and medical problems read more.

  • Surgical Needles +

    Surgical NeedlesStandard surgical needles used in the medical arena need excellent quality to ensure efficient performance read more.

  • Bio Chips +

    Bio ChipsBiochips encompass a large area, which includes the field of microfluidics, microchips and lab on chip technologies read more.

  • Cosmetic Dermatology +

    Cosmetic DermatologySkin is made up of two kinds of tissue. The epidermis is made up of stratified squamous epithelium and is full of keratin and hardened read more.

  • Pharmaceutical +

    PharmaceuticalSolid dose production typically starts with the formation of the drug into particles which range in size from 0.1 to 101¼m read more.

  • Heart Valves +

    Heart ValvesMore than 250,000 bioprosthetic heart valves are being implanted annually. The ability to replace a diseased heart valve with a prosthetic one has dramatically reduced the mortality associated with heart-valve disorders read more.