Step Height

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    Step HeightThe accurate and repeatable measurement of step height is necessary for many hi-tech applications. Taylor Hobson provide a range of instrument designed to meet the very highest requirements for step height measurement. Covering ranges of step height from sub-nanometer to millimetre with repeatability below 0.1 nm.



    3D Step Height
    Provides the height difference between two planes defined by two areas on a surface. The first area is defined as the reference and the software fits a least squares plane through this area. The second plane is then measured from this. As well as mean step height, maximum height and minimum height, the angle difference is also measured.

    2D Step Height
    Provides a method of measuring step height for simple geometric shapes such as etched lines or rectangular areas. 2D step height can also be used for measuring thickness where an edge is exposed.

    ISO 5436-1 Step Height
    When attempting to compare measurements of step height taken on different measurement instruments it is very important to comply to a standard method of measurement. ISO 5436-1 provides an internationally recognised method of measuring step height. The above instruments all support this standard.



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