Hard Disk, MEMS and Semiconductor

  • Step Height +

    Step Height

    Step HeightThe accurate and repeatable measurement of step height is necessary for many hi-tech applications read more.

  • MEMS Nanotechnology +

    MEMS & Nanotechnology

    MEMS & NanotechnologyMicro Electro-Mechanical Systems are being used today for numerous applications including pressure and acceleration sensors, micro mirror display devices and micro fluidic pumps read more.

  • Laser Etch Measurement +

    Laser Etch Measurement

    Laser Etch MeasurementLaser etching is one of the predominant methods used for the identification marking of integrated circuits read more.

  • Epitaxial Wafers +

    Epitaxial Wafers

    Epitaxial WafersDue to the expansion in the use of electro-optical components that are now common place in both telecommunications and display technologies, epitaxy is emerging as a key technique for component production read more.

  • IC Package Measurement +

    IC Package Measurement

    IC Package MeasurementBackend process measurement is important for controlling the final quality of the IC package. Problems in IC packaging can cause connection issues when the device is soldered, detaching of wire bonds or bump on chip contacts and increased stress to be placed on the circuits of the IC read more.