Roller Bearings

Taylor Hobson provides non-contact and contact measurement solutions for improving the design and functionality of roller bearings, ensuring that they are manufactured precisely in accordance with their design criteria...

  • Overview +

    Roller Bearings

    Improving the machining process

    Form error - view difference of measurement from design

    • Check and dress grinding wheel.

    X offset - to end datum

    • Adjust machine axis if required.

    Profile tilt* - to roller bearing axis

    • Adjust grinding wheel angle if required

    High precision multi-part roundness

    Complete automation of multi-part measurement, provides cost effective, high volume throughput. The Talyrond® 500 HS with carousel (rotary) stage delivers fully automated measurement for up to 20 parts. The unique counterbalanced design ensures that there is no loss of accuracy. The table below shows excellent repeatability in a study taking 20 repeat measurements of RONt on 20 samples. Typical standard deviation is <10 nm with results spread within 30 nm.

    Comprehensive analysis of roller bearing features

    analysis of roller profile with tolerance bands and form (pt)  Roller Bearings Diameter, profile drops, X-Offset and surface finish

    Unique solution for rapid measurement of roller bearing form and surface finish

    The Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS with automatic rotary and linear stages aligns the bearing to the measurement axis. The subsequent measurement is then automatically analysed with Metrology 4.0 analysis and contour software. The contour drops, X-offset, surface finish and diameter are then analysed automatically.

    Analysis solutions

    • Profile drops
    • Form error
    • X offset
    • Profile tilt*
    • Surface finish
    • Roundness
    • Dimensioning
    • Tolerancing

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