Harmonic Analysis

Taylor Hobson has developed a traceable harmonic standard for use in the bearings industry. This standard is used on Talyrond® systems, providing complete confidence in your harmonic results.

  • Overview +

    Harmonic analysis

    Advanced harmonic standard – for traceable results

    New harmonic standard

    • Provides confidence in your results

    • Traceable to international standards

    • The only standard to provide 1500 upr

    • A precision machined standard with the following undulations in 360 degrees:

    – 15 upr

    – 50 upr

    – 150 upr

    – 500 upr

    – 1500 upr

    Advanced harmonic software

    Taylor Hobson’s advanced harmonic software enables bearings manufacturers to extract harmonic information from any rotational measurement

    Results can be viewed as a full harmonic histogram with tolerance bands and pass/fail warning messages. The software allows analysis up to 5000 upr and provides a ranking system according to wave depth or harmonic amplitude. Results can be compared to CSV or GKD files.

    Excellent harmonic correlation to traceable standard

    • Excellent conformance to standard for all harmonics

    • Low sidebands

    • Low system noise

    • High resolution, high bandwidth



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