Fluid Dynamic Bearings

Taylor Hobson is the only supplier that provides complete solutions for fluid dynamic bearings, including non-destructive internal 3D measurements.

  • Overview +

    Fluid dynamic bearings & twist analysis

    Fully automated groove analysis with no operator influence

    Groove analysis software was written specifically for fluid dynamic bearings

    This software removes all subjectivity from results and provides the operator with the ability to trap errors and control the process

    Cylindrical mapping

    Precision control and low noise in all axes allows in depth analysis of cylindrical components including wear scars and material volume

    With high accuracy and high resolution in all axes, the Talyrond® 500H allows you to measure in 3 dimensions for more thorough examination of flaws, defects and cutting tool geometry effects that influence performance or lead to component malfunction.

    Analysis solutions

    • 3D High data density

    • Groove analysis

    • Step height analysis

    • Surface finish

    • Roundness...


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