Ball Bearings

Ball bearings have long been a fundamental component in numerous devices and appliances. Taylor Hobson’s latest systems and analysis software helps ball bearing manufacturers improve quality and precision to meet the increasing demands of modern applications.

  • Overview +

    Ball bearings

    High precision roundness measurement solutions

    Vacuum fixture solutions on Talyrond® instruments

    Roundness vacuum fixture accessory

    • Easy to fit / remove

    • Auto-control from software

    • No influence on measurement

    • For small and delicate parts

    • No direct clamping

    • Greater access

    • Customised fixtures

    Ultra high precision ball bearing measurement

    Exceptional accuracy

    The most accurate roundness measurements in the world.

    Exceptional repeatability

    Taylor Hobson’s Talyrond® 595 UHPR system provides unrivalled repeatability and accuracy for roundness measurements. As shown in the table of results and polar plot, multiple measurements show a RONt variation of less than 3 nm a with a standard deviation below the nanometre level!

    Exceptional results for circumferential roughness

    The ball or roller is rotated over a stationary stylus for circumferential inspection of surface finish.

    • Measures the full circumference
    • Ultra-low noise
    • Uses the highest gauge resolution

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