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    TransmissionTaylor Hobson instruments provide the ability to control geometrical form, alignment and surface finish helping to increase reliability while reducing power loss, fatigue, noise and other undesirable effects. The versatility and geometry of the Talyrond and Talysurf instruments allow a wide range of solutions whatever the measurement problem.

    The Talyrond range of instruments allow the measurement of geometrical form such as roundness, straightness, parallelism, run-out, taper, squareness and many other features necessary to control reliability and keep running efficiency to a maximum as detailed in the Talyrond links below.

    The Form Talysurf range of instruments play a major role in increasing reliability, reducing noise and eliminating fatigue by controlling surface finish characteristics. The ability to measure form such as the radii as well as detect defects are also features of this range of instruments as detailed in the Form Talysurf information below.


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