Panels and Fascia

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    Panels and FasciaMatching paint to individual elements of a car body or its internal fascia can be a difficult task often hindered by the changes in texture of those elements. For example the air bag panel of a car dashboard needs to match the colour of the panel itself, although the pigment of the two may be the same they will appear very different if their textures are different.
    In many instances single trace surface finish may be adequate to control production but in this case a three dimensional image of the surface texture can ensure identical textures and help control cosmetic appearance.

    By taking a number of traces across a component a three dimensional image of its surface can be extracted. This helps to predict the functional behaviour of a component and enables control of the manufacturing process as detailed in the Talyrond links below.

    On a painted surface too many peaks of a certain amplitude will effect the finish, however for paint to adhere to the surface of a car body a certain amount of peaks are required. There are many ways to control these factors and others as detailed in the Form Talysurf information below.

    Talymap SoftwareTalymap Software

    Today vehicle manufacturers put a lot of effort in specifying interior design, Interior trim is typically manufactured using textured sheets of PVC moulded into shape with a Polyurethane backing.

    The uniformity and shape of the texture on the PVC sheet is critical to achieving good moulded components. Uniformity of grain structure, Grain size, Grain height above bonding substrate, Peak count of grains below particular threshold value and many other geometrical structures can be analysed using Taylor Hobson's powerful Talymap Topographical analysis software.


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