Cylinder Heads and Blocks

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    Cylinder Heads and BlocksMeasurement of roundness and surface finish of prismatic components such as cylinder heads and blocks can pose a problem for traditional measurement instruments. Checking alignment and concentricity of long narrow bores such as cam and crankbores or measuring the angle of valve guides with respect to valve bores can all be achieved with the right instrument.

    Concentricity of valve guides to valve seats, alignment of Cam and Crank bores, or cylindricity and straightness of cylinder liners along with other geometrical tolerances can all be assessed utilising Taylor Hobson's range of roundness measuring instruments as detailed in the Talyrond links below.

    Whether the surface is ground, turned, milled, plateau honed etc or whether its form is radial, angled, straight. The many different types of surface associated with engine blocks and heads warrant equipment with high versatility to cover all aspects of analysis as detailed in the Form Talysurf information below.


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