Camshaft and Crankshafts

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    Camshaft and CrankshaftsPowerful measurement and analysis tools allow measurement of many features including the alignment and harmonic content of bearings and pins, parallelism of pins to mains, fillet radii, oil hole wash-out, bearing ratio and many other features. Taylor Hobson have a long association with cam and crankshaft manufacturers, the versatility and geometry of the Talyrond and Form Talysurf range of instruments allow selection of these instruments to suit your needs.

    Depending on the size and weight of the cam or crankshaft there are a number of options based around our medium to large scale roundness instruments these being the Talyrond 365, Talyrond 385 and Talyrond 440 instruments as detailed in the Talyrond links below.

    For conventional surface finish instruments access to surface features on crankshafts and camshafts can be a problem, not so for the Form Talysurf range of surface Instruments. Inspection of pins and bearings for surface finish or measurement of fillet radii can be evaluated for both dimension and form as detailed in the Form Talysurf informations below.


    The wash-out on an oil hole on a crankshaft main bearing is crucial for ensuring the smooth flow of oil about the bearing. Also the oil seal of a crankshaft should not have any spiralling marks that cause oil flow to travel in a single direction. Both wash-out and spiralling can be quantified by taking combined straightness traces taken at incremented angular positions on a Talyrond roundness instrument, the resultant traces can be combined to give a three dimensional image of the surface.

    Three dimensional analysis can give a clearer insight than conventional measurement and allow the inspector to quantify defects or desirable elements in a components form or surface texture.


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