Automotive Application

The first and only ICP-OES spectrometer available with a complete set of factory methods

  • Cylinder Heads and Blocks +

    Cylinder Heads and BlocksMeasurement of roundness and surface finish of prismatic components such as cylinder heads and blocks can pose a problem for traditional measurement instruments read more.

  • Pistons Pins and Rings +

    Pistons Pins and RingsThere are many stresses and strains exerted on a piston during its use all causing some form of distortion read more.

  • Fuel Injectors +

    Fuel InjectorsEver increasing demands on vehicle fuel emissions mean tighter tolerances on components such as fuel injector systems, tighter toleranced components require higher accuracy instruments read more.

  • Panels and Fascia +

    Panels and FasciaMatching paint to individual elements of a car body or its internal fascia can be a difficult task often hindered by the changes in texture of those elements read more.

  • Wheel Drum and Brake Disk +

    Wheel Drum and Brake DiskControlling vibration in a wheel bearing or disk brake by eliminating lobing and chatter in the machining process or trying to ensure a brake pad has the necessary friction qualities to function correctly are all simple tasks with the correct equipment read more.

  • Camshaft and Crankshafts +

    Camshaft and CrankshaftsPowerful measurement and analysis tools allow measurement of many features including the alignment and harmonic content of bearings and pins, parallelism of pins to mains, fillet radii, oil hole wash-out, bearing ratio and many other features read more.

  • Transmission +

    TransmissionTaylor Hobson instruments provide the ability to control geometrical form, alignment and surface finish helping to increase reliability while reducing power loss, fatigue, noise and other undesirable effects read more.

  • Connecting Rods +

    ConrodsProbably the most stressed part of the engine under constant high load and subject to continuous changing forces the connecting rod plays no small part in an engines cycle read more.